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Swim Stars Club is our USA Swimming registered, competitive team! Our goal is to offer children and young adults, who demonstrate both interest and ability, a quality swim program that offers the opportunity to develop and train as a competitive swimmer year round in a supportive and motivating environment that respects, challenges and nurtures them as athletes, students and individuals.


In order to join our team, you MUST to attend team tryouts. Next team tryouts will be held on:

- Wednesday, February 28 @ 7:10PM

- Friday, March 1 @ 7:10PM

You don't need to sign-up for the tryout, you can just show at the pool at the above time. Pool address is 870 Montgomery Street (Saint Peter's Yanitelli Center). If you have questions, please send us an email.

Swimmers aged 9&UNDER are accepted into the team strictly based on the Coach's observations and recommendations (we look at endurance, efficiency, technique, buoyancy etc). Below are the time-cuts all swimmers aged 10&OVER need to meet in order to be considered for our team:




Alternatively, swimmers attending our lessons program can be pulled into the swim team without having to attend tryout. To join our lessons program, please visit our Parent Portal.

If you're looking to transfer USA Swimming registered swimmer into our club, please click here.

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