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All enrollments are done online at our Swim Stars Parent Portal (in the top right corner you can switch location between JC and Hoboken). In case of any questions, please email us at

Our pool address is: 125 Marshall St, 7th Floor; Hoboken, NJ 07030 (Xcel Gym)

Important Information


Starting 1/4/23, our schedule is as follows:

Tuesday: 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Sunday: 10:00PM - 12:00PM

Catering to both learn-to-swim classes for our youngest learners or aiding the casual swimmer looking to enhance their skills our group lessons are the perfect starting point for young swimmers. All classes are skill based; and while intermediate are open to skilled swimmers of ages 4-14, beginner classes are tailored to swimmer between ages 4 to 9.
In order to put the swimmer in the correct skill class, please refer to this document.
  • Available skill classes: baby and me (up to age of 3.5); beginner (ages 4-14), intermediate (ages 4-14)

  • All lessons are 30 minutes long

  • Beginner group lesson ratio is maximum of 3:1; Baby and me & Intermediate group lesson ratio is maximum of 6:1


Base price is $46.00 per lesson. Prices per lesson will vary depending on how many days per week you choose, or how many siblings do you have - the more lessons you sign up for in the week, the lower price per lesson is. 

An example of billing: 

You would like to sign-up for Tuesdays in January, and you decide to come one lesson per week. If there are four Tuesdays in the month of January, the total would be $184. (four lessons times $46.00 per lesson)

Please note that our Blackout Schedule is posted in News and Announcements inside the customer portal. It is important to review the Blackout Schedule, as we do not hold lessons on those dates, and they are excluded from billing. The Blackout Schedule will be updated as necessary. For any other questions please ask a Swim Stars pool attendee or email us at

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