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Dear parents,

We are proud to introduce you to our brand new program - tennis classes. For more information about our tennis program, please see below. All enrollments are done online at our Parent Portal (see below for pricing). In case of any questions, please email us at Our court address is: Yanitelli Recreational Life Center (4th floor), 870 Montgomery Street, Jersey City 07306 (Saint Peter's University tennis courts)

Intro to Tennis (30 minute class)

Different from our Junior Pathway, our Intro to Tennis program is designed specifically for young players between the ages of 4-8 who are looking to get introduced to the sport with fun activities. Students will work on developing their athletic ability, coordination, and getting to know the basics of tennis as a sport - all while still having FUN! 


Classes are going to be 30 minutes long. Many skills are going to be incorporated through fun games to teach children tennis while keeping the mood light and entertaining. 


Intro to Tennis is perfect if your child’s goal is fun and movement through the sport of tennis. Please keep in mind that there will be NO levels that players can graduate onto from here. If players show interest and want to take a deeper dive into the sport, we would recommend you to look into our Junior Pathway Program starting with Red balls.

PRICE for 'Intro to Tennis' lessons: The base price is $40 per lesson. Currently discounted by 20% ($32 per lesson).

Siblings discount will be automatically applied. Classes are 30 minutes long.

Junior Pathway (60 minute class)

Our Junior Pathway program will be divided into 4 different categories based on the age recommendations: Red, Orange, Green, Yellow. The color refers to the ball that will be used at that level. The size of the courts, rackets, and balls at these levels are sized differently according to the build of each child. Balls have a different bounce and speed to ensure the players will have the chance to get to the ball and strike it with proper mechanics. 


The recommended ball colors are based on age, and NOT their skill level. At each color level, players will be separated into even smaller groups with similar skill levels to ensure that every child is appropriately challenged within their capability. This will ensure that they continue improving. Players going through our Junior Pathway program will graduate to other levels after being able to consistently demonstrate the required set of skills and techniques. Players that are not within the age range may still be moved up if they can demonstrate that they can comfortably handle the required skill without technically falling apart. Both will be done at the coaches’ discretion.


Red (Ages 4-8)

Red tennis balls bounce lower and move more slowly through the air, giving beginning young players a chance to set up and take a good swing at the ball while using proper mechanics. Courts at this level are 36 feet long and 18 feet wide.


Orange (Ages 7-11)

Orange tennis balls bounce higher and move faster than the Red tennis balls, but lower and slower than the Green balls. They are a step toward the traditional yellow tennis ball while still remaining fun and manageable for players who are learning the game. Courts at this level are 60 feet by 21 feet.


Yellow (Ages 12+)

The Yellow tennis balls are what most people know as traditional tennis. The balls, courts, and racquets at this level are used in the majority of adult matches and at the professional level.

PRICE for 'Junior Pathway' classes: The base price is $65 per lesson. Currently discounted by 20% ($52 per lesson).

Siblings discount will be automatically applied. Classes are 1 hour long (60 minutes).

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